Flash Accessibility

Due to the use of Macromedia Flash technology in this website and the interactive nature of these modules, certain users working with assistive technologies may be unable to fully engage with all pages. Every effort has been made to ensure the Flash activities will include accessibility features that ensure that dyslexic, visually impaired and motor impaired users can engage with the content. Where it is possible, we provide accessible versions of Flash content by using plain text.

Consequently you must have Macromedia Flash Player 8 (or higher) installed — this can be obtained from the Macromedia Web site. Crown Royal resources require Flash Player 8 as older versions of the player do not support a sufficient range of accessibility features. The interactive Macromedia Flash resources developed by Crown Royal are designed to work both with and without the use of a mouse and be compatible with as many assistive technologies as possible. The Flash files contain information accessible by screen readers which further outline features implemented within the files that allow them to be used in conjunction with assistive technologies.

Access Keys

Crown Royal does not make use of Access Keys. Although they can be beneficial to some users, there are as many negative aspects to using them as there are positive. Access Keys are used to specify keyboard shortcuts to specific links, much like you see in many common desktop applications. However, nearly all web browsers, including text-based browsers and screen readers, will have their own shortcuts built into them, and while they're not necessarily the same as each other (or used for the same purpose) they are still widely used by the individual users using the browser or screen reader.

As a result, Crown Royal does not implement Access Keys for the simple reason that they may interfere with the current shortcut keys used by all popular browsers and assistive technologies. Users can make use of the main navigation Tab Indexes to navigate around the website in the standard way, if no mouse alternative is available. However, direct shortcuts to Crown Royal pages are not provided through the use of Access Keys.

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