Crown Royal’s Safe Rides Home Program Offers Dallas Football Fans a Game Plan

For Crown Royal, the most important drive every football weekend is the one that ensures all adult football fans enjoying the game arrive home safely.

Now in its eighth year, the Crown Royal “Safe Rides Home” designated-driver program has visited various cities and major sporting events across the country and has arranged for thousands of free rides home.

This year, adult bar patrons who sign up for a safe ride will be asked by Crown Royal to sign a pledge to always drink responsibly, have a game plan and assign a designated driver. Those who sign the pledge also will receive a wristband to show their commitment to the cause.

“The Crown Royal Safe Rides Home program continues to remind our consumers about the importance of enjoying our products responsibly,” said Yvonne Briese, marketing director for Crown Royal. “Whether in Dallas or at-home enjoying the big game, make sure you have a safe way home and join in our pledge to drink responsibly.”

FOX Sports Analyst and former Cowboys Coach Jimmy Johnson returned to Dallas to help kick-off the 2011 Safe Rides Home program. Johnson is part of an over-arching effort by Crown Royal to create awareness of responsible drinking among adult football fans and tailgaters.

“As a former NFL coach of great teams, I had plenty of reasons to celebrate,” said Jimmy Johnson. “I also had plenty of opportunities to appreciate the importance of teamwork, and am proud that Crown Royal is reminding football fans to work together in making sure that when they drink, they do so responsibly and always have a plan for getting home safely.”