Crown Royal Bull Rider Tyler Corrington

Crown Royal® Rider
Saddle Bronc Rider

Tyler Corrington

Career Earnings: $400K
National Finals Qualifications: 3
Age: 28

Tyler Corrington is 5'-11", 175lbs. Tyler is married-his wife's name is Morgan. His father, Doug, was a professional saddle bronc rider who won the Great Lakes Circuit championship three times (1976, 1979-80).

Aside from saddle bronc riding, Tyler enjoys downhill skiing, and does leatherwork in his spare time. His favorite foods are steak and potatoes and his favorite movie is Dazed and Confused. Additionally, Tyler enjoys classic rock-The Doors and Led Zeppelin being his favorite bands.

Tyler's rodeo inspirations are his dad, Billy Etbauer, and former saddle bronc riders T.C. Holloway and Tom Miller. His travel partners are Cort Scheer and Chet Johnson. His dream livestock draw would be Kesler Championship Rodeo's Cool Alley.

Crown Royal Bull Rider Wesley Silcox

Crown Royal® Rider
2007 PRCA World Champion Bull Rider

Wesley Silcox

Career Earnings: $1.3M
National Finals Qualifications: 6
Age: 28

Wesley Silcox, from Santaquin, Utah, is 5'8" tall and 135lbs. He and his wife, Jerika, have two children-a daughter, Rivers, and a son, Ledgen.

Wesley learned to ride bulls from his older brother, Brad, and his father, also Brad, a former bull rider who is now an auctioneer. He began riding in junior high school, and won the Utah State High School Rodeo Association bull-riding title during his senior season.

Outside of rodeo Wesley is an avid hunter and hopes to foster a career in the Hunt/Fish industry upon retiring from riding bulls professionally. In addition to hunting, Wesley enjoys boating and snowboarding.

Crown Royal Bull Rider Tilden Hooper

Crown Royal® Rider
Bareback Bronc Rider
2007 PRCA Bareback Rookie of the Year

Tilden Hooper

Career Earnings: $400K
National Finals Qualifications: 4
Age: 26

Tilden Hooper, from Carthage, Texas, is 5'10" tall and 170lbs. His father, Terry, was also a professional Bareback Rider. Tilden began competing in Bareback Riding at age 15. Outside of rodeo, Tilden enjoys wakeboarding and many other outdoor sports and activities.

Tilden is quick to acknowledge that he isn't the only reason for his rodeo success.

"A lot of people don't realize that the animals are tremendous athletes too...they are a significant reason why the sport is so competitive-we compete amongst ourselves as cowboys, but at the end of the day, every match starts with your horse."

Crown Royal Bareback Rider Cody Whitney

Crown Royal® Rider
Bull Rider

Cody Whitney

Career Earnings: $1.1M
National Finals Qualifications: 4
PBR Finals Qualifications: 6
Age: 32

Cody Whitney, from Sayre, Oklahoma, is 5'8" tall and 140lbs. Cody and his wife, Kori, have two children-a daughter, Lila, and a son, Quaid.

Cody is one of only 3 men to win the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo back to back (2012 and 2013). Before focusing on the Pro Rodeo Circuit, Cody qualified to the PBR Finals 6 times and is known for making successful rides on some of the rankest bulls that ever lived, including the only 3 Time PBR World Champion Little Yellow Jacket and other greats like Pandora's Box.

The Western lifestyle is the way Cody was raised. He says it was never an option not to be a bull rider. Rodeos were all he ever knew growing up in a home where both sides of the family have a rich history in rodeos.

Crown Royal Bull Rider Steve Woolsey

Crown Royal® Rider
2005 PRCA Rookie of the Year
Bull Rider
Saddle Bronc Rider

Steve Woolsey

Career Earnings: $1M
National Finals Qualifications: 7
Age: 28

Steve Woolsey, from Payson, Utah, is 5'6" tall and 155lbs. Steve comes from a rodeo and racing family. His father, Lars, was a professional bull rider and his mother, Dana (deceased), is a former race horse jockey. Additionally, Steve has a brother and two cousins who rodeo professionally as well.

Like many on the Crown Royal Rodeo Team, he started in the sport at an early age. Unlike the others, bull riding wasn't his main sport. Steve wrestled in school until the 6th grade, before the love of the rodeo won out. During his time away from the arena, Steve enjoys wakeboarding, snowboarding, and snowmobiling.

If you ask Steve for bull riding advice, he'll tell you a simple tip he follows every rodeo: "Keep your hand shut and never quit trying."