Kevin Mulcahy

Master of Whisky Kevin Mulcahy has been in the wine and spirits industry for 20 years and served as both a retailer and distributor before becoming a Master of Whisky.

He completed in-depth training courses in whisky to receive his certification with Diageo. His training covered history, production process, wood/barrel management, maturation and the art of blending, as well as meetings with whisky experts from some of the world's most prestigious distilleries. Today, he conducts a variety of special events educating consumers and people in the spirits industry about whisky.

Mulcahy's favorite part of being a whisky educator is "seeing peoples' faces light up as they really begin to understand whisky. After every event, at least one person extends his or her gratitude for the information learned. It's very special to know that I can introduce someone to a new hobby."

One of Kevin's favorite topics to learn and teach is the intricacy of whisky making. "I am always amazed," he says, "by how the wood used during maturation really affects the color, flavor and taste of whisky; using American oak versus European oak produces two completely different liquids."

When not teaching and learning about whisky, Kevin enjoys golfing and spending time with his family.