Breck Taylor

Breck Taylor is the Master of Whisky for Seattle. This position has allowed him to explore some of his passions: history and whisky. From a young age, Breck has always been driven to learn about how things came about, how they work, and then to talk about his findings with others. The whisky world’s rich history and heritage has always fascinated him. He has an extensive background in the world of distilled spirits. He worked for several years as a brewer, mixologist, staff trainer, spirits educator and Assistant Beverage Manager for a large Pacific Northwest brewpub and hotel chain.

Breck’s most memorable whisky moment is from his mid 20’s. From the first sip, Breck was amazed at the complexity and richness of the spirit. This was the start of a lasting relationship with the “Water of Life.” Breck enjoys Crown Royal, but also enjoys the rest of the World’s whiskies, from Bourbon & Tennessee to Scotch & Irish whisky.

When Breck is not talking or teaching others about whisky, he can oftentimes be found enjoying another of his passions: Fly fishing for salmon, trout and steelhead in the lovely rivers and streams of the Pacific Northwest. He also enjoys cooking, cinema and spending time with his family and pets.