The Iconic Purple Bag

The purple bag has been a part of Crown Royal’s rich heritage since the very first batch was blended for the King and Queen of England’s visit to the Americas in 1939. To suit the royal occasion, the new whisky was outfitted in a purple bag with gold drawstrings, a tradition that continues to this day.


Texas-bound in the 1960s

For two decades, the Crown Royal bag and its perfect contents remained under wraps in Canada. Too exceptional to go unnoticed for long, word traveled – and so did enterprising oil workers. Seeking their fortunes in the oil-rich lands of Texas in the 1960s, they packed their velvety purple Crown Royal bags for the journey. Before long, tales of Crown Royal’s smoothness and sophistication spread throughout the land.

Crown Royal<small>®</small> New Velvet Bags

Millions of bags per year

Today, approximately fifty million velvet bags are stitched for Crown Royal every year, each one carrying the distinctive etched glass bottle that embodies the spirit and passion of a proud craft. Wherever you encounter Crown Royal, no matter the blend, you can be assured that you’ll be treated to a whisky as smooth as its iconic bag.