Crown Royal believes it’s not what you have, it’s what you give. So, when it came to honoring America’s service men and women, we wanted to do more than simply raise a glass. We wanted to give them something meaningful, for giving their all to protect our country.

So we created The Purple Bag Project, packing and sending care packages to the most generous amongst us, our soldiers. For close to a decade, Crown Royal has worked with Packages From Home as a national charity partner supporting their purpose of sending thanks to troops overseas.

The first Purple Bag was packed in September, 2010. During the ceremony, a mural was unveiled, representing the program’s mission to ensure that soldiers abroad were reminded that those at home truly admire and acknowledge their relentless service to this country.

Since then, our ongoing commitment is evident with almost 1 million bags packed. Look for events in your hometown by visiting our events page or Fans 21+ can text PURPLEBAG to 50155.

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