Crown Royal

Texas Mesquite

40% Alc/Vol

Crown Royal Texas Mesquite is a blend of Crown Royal Deluxe infused with the smoky soul of locally sourced Texas mesquite wood. The result is a unique flavor that is smoky and spicy with the distinctive smoothness of Crown Royal.


CROWN ROYAL TEXAS MESQUITE Blended Canadian Whisky Infused With Texas Mesquite Wood Flavors.
40% Alc/Vol. The Crown Royal Company, New York, NY.

Tasting Notes


Crown Royal Texas Mesquite begins with a nose of mesquite smoke and vanilla with hints of barbecue spice.


Opens with a smoky mesquite and oak flavor backed by notes of creamy vanilla and caramel.


Light and oaky with smoked mesquite and barbecue notes. The rustic and refined notes of smoke, molasses and wood are truly distinctive, yet familiar.