Spring/Summer, Party

JLP Mule

Try your hand at a new skill and impress at your next kickback with this coconut fat washed “JLP Mule.” Created in partnership with Ghetto Gastro, this cocktail tastes great with traditional or cassava fries. 



2 oz Crown Royal Peach (Coconut Fat Washed – see preparation)

.75 oz lime juice

3 oz ginger beer


    1. Preparation: Measure 12 oz of Crown Royal Peach and pour into a container. Add 2 oz of 100% pure coconut oil in liquid form and cover with lid. Lightly shake ingredients together. Rest for four hours at room temperature. Transfer to freezer for 2 hours (or overnight). Remove mixture from freezer and skim off the frozen oil solids. Using a new container, strain the liquid using a cheesecloth over a fine strainer to remove the remaining solids. Ready to use.
    2. Build: Add all ingredients to glass, fill with ice, stir, and top with garnish
    3. Glassware: Highball
    4. Ice: Cubed
    5. Garnish: 2-3 mint sprigs pulled through center of lime wheel


Crown Royal Peach

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