Peachy Iced Tea

Peachy Iced Tea



1.5 oz Crown Royal Peach

3-4 oz sweet tea (to fill)

3-4 lemon wedges

Pinch of Basil

Basil and lemon for garnish


    1. Muddle basil & lemon wedges in a mixing tin.
    2. Add Crown Royal Peach & ice, shake and strain into a Highball Glass over fresh ice.
    3. Add sweet tea to fill.
    4. Garnish with basil leaves and lemon.
    5. ** If you want to make this without muddling, do as follows: Substitute .75 oz lemon juice for lemon wedges.
    6. Add Crown, lemon juice, and basil to a mixing tin filled with ice.
    7. Shake and strain into a highball over ice.
    8. Fill with sweet tea and garnish as above.


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