Fall/Winter, Holiday, Party

Sparkling Peach

This cocktail, created in partnership with Ghetto Gastro, adds something special to a holiday gathering. Serve up the “Sparkling Peach” with your favorite seasonal dish.  



1 oz Crown Royal Peach

.5 oz Aperol

.75 oz lemon juice

3 cucumber slices

1 barspoon of superfine sugar

1.5 oz Sparkling Rosé


    1. Preparation: Using a peeler (Y-peeler suggested) peel cucumber from top to bottom. Spiral into a rose shape and spear through with long toothpick / garnish pick.
    2. Build: Muddle cucumber slices and add remaining ingredients to shaker tin, shake with ice, double strain using fine strainer and top with Sparkling Rosé
    3. Glassware: Coupe
    4. Ice: Cubed
    5. Garnish: 1-2 cucumber slices spiraled into a rose shape, speared with long pick


Crown Royal Peach

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