Nestled on the edge of Lake Winnipeg, Crown Royal’s distillery in Gimli, Manitoba, is home to 1.5 million barrels of delicious whisky that sit patiently waiting to be shared with the world. One of Manitoba’s natural beauties, the town of Gimli hugs the western shoreline of one of the world’s largest freshwater lakes, with sandy beaches, an active harbor and the largest Icelandic population outside of Iceland.

smoke coming out of a chimney of a building with a flag flying in the background

Our property stretches over 360 scenic acres with 51 warehouses (which house more barrels of whisky than there are people in Manitoba) and one stillhouse (which serves as a landmark from the lake so fisherman can return safely to harbor). The distillery employs roughly 76 people who distill, mature, blend and run Crown Royal’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation – oftentimes following in the footsteps of generations of family members who made Crown Royal before them. They’re passionate in the craft of whisky-making and they’re proud to share the smoothest, finest Canadian whisky adorers have come to know and love since 1939.

With such an expansive footprint and operation, we’ve taken steps to minimize the impact our Gimli distillery has on its surrounding environment. We’ve reduced carbon emissions by more than 99% over the past 10 years. In 2016 we reduced water utilization by 35%, saving 50 million gallons. And we are committed to a target of zero waste to landfill by 2020, with a reduction of 49% in 2016.